My name is Kim Becker

I started working with Halo Advertising Inc in August, 2019. Prior to this time, going into front line sales and even advertising wasn't anywhere on my radar. I had spent most of my professional career working as a hotelier.

I began in hotels in fall of 2014, and thought I had found the career path that I would be on for the rest of my life. I enjoyed what I did, had a few good managers along the way, and even had an ultimate goal of where I wanted to end up.

I then discovered how political the world of the hotelier is and moving hotels to be closer to home, I got run into the ground very quickly. Burnt out and soured towards continuing down that path, I was looking for something completely new and different to try my hand at. Which is how I found Halo Advertising Inc.

Having no idea what I was getting myself into, I was surprised with how much I enjoyed the work. I loved my coworkers - all no drama, friendly individuals who also had a passion for helping others.

I had upper management who cared about their staff again, and most importantly, I was doing much more fulfilling work, helping others. Despite its name, the focus of Halo Advertising Inc isn't just advertising, but also raising funds for a non profit started by the owners of Halo called The Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation; an organization designed to help kids of disadvantaged families take part in activities they otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Becoming more involved in both sides of the company, I began to understand more and more about how we help both businesses and families alike, once given the chance, and wanted to get involved as much as possible.

I have worked with small business advertising, building partnerships and agreements for fund raising tables and am a senior manager for the residential canvassing crews. It was the first time in a while where I wanted to put MY ALL into my work again and love what I am doing.

Growing as a leader, and sales representative, I look forward in following Halo Advertising Inc's growth as it endeavors to become a Canada wide company. Further we will grow the Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation to be a Canada wide organization, ensuring they can help as many families and small businesses as they can.

I am personally working towards being apart of that growth team, eventually traveling to different cities and helping to set up the offices and teams there.